About Us

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The Kicks Industries adventure began in a Denver garage with three friends who had trouble finding cool, comfortable golf shoes and wondered why you couldn't just add traction to a pair of Chucks or Jordans or whatever you wanted. After several bad prototypes we launched a Kickstarter campaign and set up shop to provide freedom of footwear choice to athletes around the world.
Our Golfkicks product launched in 2019 and since then we have outfitted World Long Drive record holders, Bullfighters/Rodeo Clowns, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, LPGA, PGA, kids, and all sorts of athletes around the world.
Founders are the creator of the Sushi Roll® by Fishpond, Tyler Stuart, along with outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, John Krosky and Matt Mockus. 
Kicks Industries (this is not a store)
621 Kalamath Street #175
Denver, CO 80204